A new MITUTOYO CONTRACER CV-2100M4 profile meter is now available from Meccanica Marcato.
A Profilometer is a measuring device used to determine the surface of an object or surface, usually in terms of profile or roughness.

– Quick and easy profile control
– Quick movements in Z2 thanks to a comfortable and fast knob
– New rod lowering and raising function for automatic executions and multi-point measurements – Motorized X axis movement with speed up to 20mm/s
– The FORMTRACEPAK software allows you to carry out both single measurements and complex part programs
– Measuring range: Z1 = 50mm, X = 100mm
– Measuring speed: 0.02 – 5 mm/s
– Drive speed: X = 0-20 mm/s
– Accuracy: X = (2.5 + 0.02L)µm [L: Drive length (mm)]; Z1 = (2.5 +I0.1HI)µm [H: Measurement height from horizontal position (m)]
– Straightness: 2.5µm /100mm