In our company there is a department dedicated to the production of prototypes, thus allowing us to meet all the needs of the customer and making any necessary changes to the project before starting production in series


After the first two phases, we start production, thanks to a fleet of 20 units between CNC machines and turning machines. The mission of the company is the constant development of new technologies toghether with the attention to the quality of the product, which means constant updating of the machine park.

Production management

Our company is equipped with the integrated system for quality and production control of Tesar SICOP and MOTIS: all the machines are networked to 2 control terminals inside the industrial premises. First, they control the production, by carrying out its daily analysis, pointing out any machine pause, etc. Second, they check the quality by means of control instruments in serial connection, micrometers, calibres, altimeter comparators as well as data analysis, X-R control cards capability, certificates of compliance, etc.

Heat and surface treatments

Together with our partners we can supply products with heat treatments (annealing, hardening, etc.), galvanic (browning, gilding, chromium plating, anodizing, etc.), with welding or small assembly.